Untitled (Lock Picking is Key) II

Inkjet print, risset ar-glass, ramme laget av kunstner

The series Untitled (Lock Picking is Key) draws on Tallerås’ interest in various languages and layers of information within a city. Its point of departure is Tallerås’ movement through spaces outside our normal routes of navigation. Some of the images depict views from different rooftops, accessible via scaffoldings or drainpipes - views often reserved for those with a top floor apartment. Another image shows a route down under the city via a ladder going down a drain. The works are exploring other possibilities for movement and looking for different forms of value within the city. Tallerås has been photographing and navigating through, thus activating, these secluded spaces with his camera and physical presence. In the finished works, the glasses are scratched and engraved with imagery depicting different lock picks and bump keys. Tallerås interest in lock picking is a metaphorical one, with the lock pick symbolizing an unlimited access to the city. The technique of scratching glass is borrowed from the language of vandalism and graffiti, and is something one would often see on train and subway windows.

90 x 60 cm
NOK 38,000.00
+ 5% art tax

Jon Benjamin Tallerås (b. 1984, Oslo) investigates the relationship between the individual and the urban environment. His work questions ownership through exploring different ways of navigating, seeing and exploring the ever-changing landscape of the city. domain. Looking and reading about Tallerås’ artists practice, the word flaneur easily comes to mind.

In his film “Errant Wondering” (2012) the artist is using the urban landscape in unconventional ways – jumping over fences, walking on roofs and train-tracks, climbing buildings, lampposts and gutters. Unusual acts of utilizing and seeing the city is at the center of his works. The work “Traversing the city” (2017) shows Tallerås walking the city from east to west in the underground – a passage of travelling used by large amounts of people every day, though always safely inside a train.

The romantic way of using nature is the way Tallerås uses the city, challenging rules of where to go and not. In all of his works, Tallerås is performing social readings of the ways of the city - questioning what is private versus what is public domain, and the relations between juridical, social and physical constructions. Tallerås’ interpretations of the changing urban language can be applied to many rapidly growing cities in Europe and the world.

Tallerås is acquired by Oslo Municipality Art Collection, Bærum Municipality Art Collection, Stavanger Municipality Art Collection and Arts Council Norway.

To Reclaim Lost Futures, Kunsthall Oslo, Oslo, NO
Concrete Reflections (group), QB Gallery, Oslo, NO
Performing the Fringe (group), Konsthall C, Stockholm, SE // Pori Art museum, FI
2020 - 2022
Screening of "Impressions of Topography", Contemporary Art Scenter (CAC), Vilinus, 2020
notes on autonomy, impressions of topography (solo), Prosjektrom Normanns, Stavanger, NO
Enter Art Fair (solo), Art Fair, QB Gallery, Copenhagen, DK
A Roof of One's Own, QB Gallery, Oslo, NO
Det Felles Eide (group), Kunstnernes hus, Oslo, NO
SNAP (group), Norwegian Museum of Conteporary Art, Oslo, NO
Disappearing Acts (group), LIAF biennial
Lediggang og Omkringdriven (solo), Kunsthall Oslo, NO

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