Milk, bread and bananas #2

Hahnemüle PhotoRag Baryta 315gsm, oak frame

140 x 110 cm
Edition: 5
NOK 48,000.00
+ 5% art tax

Hilde Honerud (b.1977, NO) holds a degree from Napier University of Edinburgh and the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. In recent years, Honerud has worked on projects related to the relationship between geopolitical events and the individual from a humanistic perspective, which is expressed in photographs that sheds light on various man-made situations. Among other things, Honerud has worked on themes such as what it is like to be a child in Palestine and growing up in a long-term political conflict, what it is like to live in a transit reception center and in a refugee camp. This is particularly highlighted in the work series GYM, where Honerud has photographed and processed motifs taken through her long commitment to the initiative ´Yoga and Sport with Refugees´ in the Moria camp on Lesvos. Honerud also works with projects that deal with images in the news, natural disasters and the rhetorical effect of images. Honerud's work is close to a journalistic and documentary style, but the subjects are far from classic disaster photography. Honerud links the foundational, political and ordinary together into a narrative and the complex relationship between form and content. Through a formal approach, Honerud investigates how precarious political and social conditions can be experienced through the everyday and recognisable.

Upcoming solo, MELK, Oslo, NO
Still life #2 (group), QB Gallery, Oslo, NO
KÖSK @ Oslo Negativ (group), Den Gamle Veterinærhøgskolen, Oslo, NO
It's always morning somewhere (solo), QB Gallery, Oslo, NO
Melketenner (group), Nitja, Lillestrøm, NO
GYM (solo), MELK, Oslo, NO
Å stirre en kamel i hvitøyet (group), KÖSK, Oslo, NO
The Contrast Between the Photographed Moment and All Others (solo), Bærum Kunsthall, Bærum, NO
It is a light which objectifies everything and confirms nothing (solo), Buskerud Kunstsenter, Drammen, NO
Høstutstillingen (group), Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, NO
2019 /2015
Practising Norwegian (solo), Kunstmuseet i Nord-Trøndelag, Namsos, NO
It's not easy to make history (solo), Oslo Public Library, Oslo, NO
#duemay2016 (solo), BOA, Oslo, NO
Every Sunset Counts (solo), Bærum Kunsthall, Bærum, NO

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