Enter Art Fair 2023

The works to be presented include newly produced paintings (Morell and Båsen) and sculptures (Scholze). The selection intends to highlight the individual practice of each artist, while simultaneously creating an exhibition context for three bodies of work that in different ways relate to one another both visually and thematically.

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Enter Art Fair is an ambitious art fair located in Copenhagen – one of the world’s most vibrant and forward-looking capitals. As the only international art fair in Scandinavia, ENTER welcomes everybody to discover, experience and acquire some of the best contemporary art, not only from the Nordic region, but from around the world.

The 5th edition of Enter Art Fair welcomes approx. 85 galleries and their artists in curated presentations that will all be approved by our international selection committee. The fair facilitates a platform that gives galleries the opportunity to present their artists to a live audience and connects the art directly with its viewer.

“We insist on not compromising on the quality of galleries and artists, as well as ensuring the atmosphere and overall experience for both the galleries and the visitors. Even as we grow older and more established, it is especially important for us to remain familiar and informal.”

– Julie Alf, Enter Art Fair Founder and CEO