Selected works: October


Photography is a medium with constantly renewed topicality. This month we highlight artists who have made their mark through constant renewal of photography and its various forms of presentation.

Christian Tunge (b. 1989) recently won the Norske Grafikeres Fonds graphics prize at the Autumn Exhibition 2022. He was awarded the prize for the series Immolation (Burning Men, #1-4 (2022). The starting point for the prints was a series of photographs of "self-immolation" (Norwegian translation: selvantenning). The series is a good example of how photography changes its form of expression by being processed through graphic techniques. Tunge works mainly with photography, prints and art books. He is the founder of the publishing house Heavy Books and is one of the artists behind the artist-run photo gallery MELK, which opened its doors in 2009.

Jon Benjamin Tallerås's (b. 1984, Oslo) recent photographic works range between sculpture and installation. Through his artistry, Tallerås has acted as someone who moves on an almost constant walk through the city; and by the city is meant Oslo. The artist's work is full of self-staging where he uses the city in one way or another, often in an unusual way; jumping over fences, strolling along the subway tracks, climbing up walls, hanging from gutters. In all his works, Tallerås performs a series of social readings of the city's architecture and combines building materials and photography to illuminate the relationship between the individual and urban life.

Hilde Honerud (b.1977) has in recent years highlighted the relationship between geopolitical events and the individual from a humanistic perspective. This problem is particularly illuminated in the series It's always morning somewhere, where we encounter a sculptural work that stretches upwards and turns in different directions. The six photographic motifs refer to the components of nature and man's position in relation to them, and thus become bearers of references. As a viewer, active participation is required: to discover the motifs, you have to move around the sculpture. Only then will new layers of meaning become visible, and new mediations take shape. This is also highlighted in the series GYM, where Honerud has photographed and processed motifs captured through her long commitment to the initiative ´Yoga and Sport with Refugees´ in the Moria camp on Lesvos.

Per Christian Brown (b. 1976) works with analogue photography and video. His works are prepared in a painterly way, in that there are often clear stagings that are immortalized in the works. Brown is fascinated by metamorphosis, change and impermanence, both natural and cultural. One of his latest series "Wonders of the Volcano" shows, among other things, stagings of liquid color pigments in water. This forms part of a larger project where he explores man's emotional and physical relationship with the elements earth, fire, air and water.

Espen Gleditsch (b. 1983) works with the limitations of the photographic medium, and photography as the source of shifts in opinion and misinterpretations in a cultural-historical context. Through text and image, he investigates the dubious role of photography as a historical document, and further how a combination of coincidences, unintentional shifts in meaning and human desire characterizes how historical narratives are established and communicated.