Andrea Scholze and Nellie Jonsson at the Annual Crafts Exhibition

Nellie Jonsson, Tabelras, 2023 (Foto: Nasjonalmuseet / Frode Larsen)

Andrea Scholze and Nellie Jonsson have been chosen to exhibit at The Annual Crafts Exhibition which is on view at the National Museum from October 20th until Desember 30th.

The Annual Crafts Exhibition is the largest annual display of Norwegian contemporary crafts. Ranging from small objects to sculptures, wall hangings and larger installations, the exhibition features works employing ceramics, textiles, glass, wood and metal by 56 selected artists.

Andrea Scholze, Skogvesen, 2022 (Foto: Nasjonalmuseet / Frode Larsen)
Nellie Jonsson, Tabelras, 2023 (Foto: Nasjonalmuseet / Frode Larsen)

Andrea Scholze (b. 1988, Oslo) is educated at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts (BFA, 2011, MFA, 2016).

Scholze works sculpturally and on installation pieces, primarily using ceramics. Her works are roughly modelled with an expressive, often bleak look. She creates scenographic installations of often dystopian landscapes where her individual sculptures of human-like species often looking more like trolls, golems or yetis, channel emotions and tell stories. She is interested in how both animals and humas exist together in today’s society and themes such as loneliness, existentialism and belonging are apparent in many of her sculptures.

Scholze’s talent has been recognized by the Norwegian establishment and her work has been acquired by the KODE museums in Bergen, the National Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Trondheim, Equinor Art Programme, KORO (Art in Public, Norway) and Oslo Municipality Art Collection.

Nellie Jonsson (b. 1992, Umeå, Sweden) is a Swedish emerging artist primarily working with ceramic sculpture and installations. She graduated from the Oslo Academy of the Arts with a BFA (2016-2019) and an MFA (2019-2021) in material-based art with a focus on ceramics.

Jonsson's figurative work communicates with an everyday tone, at the same time as unexpected compositions and elements leave a distinctive mark on the playful expression. By immortalizing common objects in clay, Jonsson throws references to consumer culture and everyday life, capturing memories around objects in our lives that we usually don’t reflect on. Her works present a presence – an embracement of difference and personality, as well as an appreciation towards the fact that memories can be created out of the smallest of things.

Jonsson is acquired by KODE Museum (NO) and the National Museum of Decorative Arts and Design (NO).