Andrea Scholze's wins sculpture project at Hartvig Nissen high school


Andrea Scholze's group of sculptures 'View towards the Future' is chosen as one of the public art projects for the rehabilitated Hartvig Nissen high school.

Hartvig Nissen School is undergoing extensive rehabilitation and expansion with two new buildings. This historic high school, founded in 1849, has a rich cultural heritage and was Norway's first institution of higher education for women. As part of the upgrade, both existing and newly acquired art from the Oslo Municipality's art collection will be placed at the school. Three female artists have been invited to compete in creating a new artwork for the school. The winner of the competition is Andrea Scholze with the proposal titled 'View towards the Future', which involves several bronze sculptures to be placed at various locations in the schoolyard. The sculptures are intended to symbolize the school's history and cultural diversity.

"Andrea Scholze's winning proposal resonates well with the existing art at Hartvig Nissen School. Her ape-like, yet human-like figures, are in a way unfinished, like young individuals, yet they exude a sense of security and warmth, inviting one to lean in towards them as a friend," says school principal Hanna Norum.

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