Our Other Room

31.08 — 01.10.2023

The exhibition opens on the 31st of August at 6-8pm


We can only imagine what’s going on in the other room, we can perceive the sounds and imagine the actions unfolding. We interpret the signs that remain and recreate imaginary scenes.

Images both inside and outside of the actual images.

Every human associate what is new with what is known, creating mental links that can only exist once in space and time, within.

A fruit becomes human, a loving caress maybe the opposite.

Geir Moseid’s photographs portray the ambivalence of everyday life, sacred, immobile, and frozen in time. The home is a recurring theme. Closed rooms, still life visions, a table, a fruit, flowers withering.

A certain intimacy arises from the motifs which lead to the viewer to be in dialogue with what is observed. Something is always happening, even when everything stands still.

My thoughts go to the other room, where even flowers, after all, die at the end of the day.

Our Other Room, installation view, 2023
Geir Moseid, "Second Stage", 2023, C-print and white frame, 82.5 x 56 cm, edition of 6+2 ap

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