Receipt (7-Eleven)

Printed PVC


24 x 21 x 39 cm

Tor Erik Bøe (b. 1986, NO) holds a degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Tromsø. He works mainly with sculpture, video and performance. With a cross-genre approach, Bøe creates connections between the everyday and the extraordinary in social spaces. Recently, Bøe has explored this theme in the form of sculptures that show receipts from the artist's shopping printed on PVC. The receipts act as memory maps where the artist's purchases are listed, but also points to consumer culture.

Bøe lives and works in Paris.

Pity Fuck Puddle (solo), Billedhuggerforeningen, Oslo, NO
Joie de Vivre (performance), Fotogalleriet, Oslo, NO
Trollkrem import (duo with Jennie Bringaker), Munchmuseet i bevegelse, Oslo, NO