Acrylic on paper, walnut wood frame

34 x 25 cm
NOK 12,500.00
+ 5% art tax

Audun Alvestad (b. 1980, Ålesund) graduated from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design (MA, BA) with an exchange at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.

Alvestad has distinguished himself within the movement of naively figurative painting and is recognized for his exploration of society's shifting gender roles and social structures. His works are characterized by a distinctive and playful painting technique, with a distinct color palette that includes pastel colors, as well as deeper shades of blue and purple. Often, his paintings depict themes revolving around interpersonal and tragicomic scenes, inviting viewers to relate. Drawing inspiration from everyday life, Alvestad’s motifs capture social scenarios with an underlying touch of humor. Viewers are presented with people in various situations, such as cycling, bathing, shopping, or hanging out in the park – scenes that most can recognize from their own lives and surroundings. While the characters often remain anonymous, the surroundings remain recognizable, creating a place that feels both familiar and distant, safe yet evasive.

Alvestad's paintings can be interpreted as an exploration of loneliness and social challenges, while also reflecting contemporary society and the individual's quest for their own place within it. He seeks to portray the underlying longing for belonging and stability in a chaotic world. Through the titles of his artworks, he adds an extra layer of meaning that encourages viewers to reflect more deeply on the actions unfolding.

Alvestad's works have been acquired by both private and public collections, including The Bunker Artspace Museum, The Preuss Collection, The Azman Museum, and The Drake Collection.

Art Singapore Art Fair 2024 (group), Sands Expo and Convention Centre, SG
Where The Wild Roses Grow, Schloss Görne, Berlin, DE
All this talk of getting old (solo), QB Gallery, Oslo, NO
As If You Had a Choice in the Matter (solo), Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London, UK
Priority Lane (solo), Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Berlin, DE
Here Comes a Regular (solo), QB Gallery, Oslo, NO
Facing the sun (group), Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Schloss Görne, DE
Tan Lines (solo), Kristin Hjellegjerde, London, UK
Enter Art Fair (group), Enter Art Fair, Copenhagen, DK
Inadequate, just inadequate (solo), Kristin Hjellegjerde, London, UK
Høyt Hårfeste (solo), QB Gallery, Oslo, NO
Varme hender, kalde føtter (solo), Trøndelag Senter for Samtidskunst, Trondhjem, NO
The Holy guacamole and the girl with the pearl neklace (solo), LNM, Oslo, NO

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