Nellie Jonsson purchased by two museum collections


Nellie Jonsson's works Lördag den 32.januari and Snäcksniglar is acquired by KODE Museum (NO) and the National Museum of Decorative Arts and Design (NO).

The works are part of the exhibition The New Cosy, QB 2023.

These are the artist's first museum acquisitions.

Nellie Jonsson, Snäcksniglar, 2023

Nellie Jonsson (b. 1992, Umeå, Sweden) is a Swedish emerging artist primarily working with ceramic sculpture and installations. She graduated from the Oslo Academy of the Arts with a BFA (2016-2019) and an MFA (2019-2021) in material-based art with a focus on ceramics.

Jonsson's figurative work communicates with an everyday tone, at the same time as unexpected compositions and elements leave a distinctive mark on the playful expression. By immortalizing common objects in clay, Jonsson throws references to consumer culture and everyday life, capturing memories around objects in our lives that we usually don’t reflect on. Her works present a presence – an embracement of difference and personality, as well as an appreciation towards the fact that memories can be created out of the smallest of things.

Nellie Jonsson, Lördag den 32.januari, 2023