Interview in The Art Collective


Come home to Mikaela - art collector and gallerists at QB Gallery in Oslo. Mikaela is one of Julie's oldest friends and has always inspired her with her colorful style, brave art purchases and playful approach to the art world. Not only are we inspired by the many artists she highlights through QB Gallery, but we follow closely when she gives good advice on the art of buying art. For Mikaela, the bank account is not an obstacle to creating an ambitious art collection, she believes that collecting art is a matter of priorities.

Audun Alvestad
Marthe Elise Stramrud

For me, the creativity is the visuals. I am the most creative when I work with group exhibitions, then it's up to me how the outcome looks in the end and how the different art pieces can combine in different ways. Yes, we do some solo exhibits, but then its the artist him/herself who's in the driver's seat, although I can always come with inputs. Otherwise, I'm quite creative at my home, I like to make it look cool and nice around me and like to curate my own apartment that it can look like it's on display the next day. Besides that, I like to try out new interesting hairstyles and clothes, I like to organize the table to host parties, laying out flowers and so on. A big part of my life has a creative red thread.- Mikaela Bruhn Aschim, The Art Collective

Yngve Benum
Jon Benjamin Tallerås
Sebastian Helling