Neolithic grafitti

10.06 — 08.07.2016

Curated by Magnus Vatvedt

Are Blytt
Lene Baadsvig Ørmen
Petter Buhagen
Ørjan Einarsønn Døsen
Mikael Hegnar
Mickael Marman
Gino Saccone

Throughout history mankind has left markings, scratches and signs on different surfaces. In cave paintings, the simple mark of a hand stands as an important historical reference of sociological evolution and existential subject-matter. The simple fact of recognizing « I am ».
In today’s modern markings of street signs and logos, symbols of language have been given a meaning of which we all can agree on. Red light – stop. Green light - go. Other forms of contemporary markings like political messages and graffiti are personal expressions of political and social equality. Individual signatures of «I am» set into a contemporary context of political resistance and vandalism, on walls for everyone too see and read. Companies vampire these important modern markings and make it their own by fabricating the idea of personal freedom and expression. These symbols are all a fraud and have nothing too do with what they claim to offer.
Painting is, as claimed by Clement Greenberg, paint on a flat surface. But it is also offers something much more. The language of painting log onto the wheel of time, it breaks down ideas to create new.
Neolithic Graffiti offers something else.