Market Art Fair 2024

17.05 — 19.05.2024

As the world aims for immateriality, Liv Tandrevold Tandrevold Eriksen craves the raw material and the physical touch of a canvas. By connecting and reconnecting with the fragility and the opportunities of the fabric, not just as a base for a painting, but also as collage, textile work and sculpture, she investigates the material’s- and painting’s - inherent possibilities.

In the first step of her process, diluted paint is allowed to penetrate the canvas, creating amorphous blobs of color. It is like the canvas becomes a meeting place for figurative and abstract traces. It evokes the experience of being witness to organic dialogues between the surface of the canvas, the brushstrokes, the threads of the canvas, water, cracklings, and the paint.

Over the past five years she has experimented with sewn elements as parts of her paintings, being inspired by sport’s wear, particularly the padding of athlete uniforms. In some of her recent works, she has been inspired by the concept of ageing and therefore been creating stitches on the back of the fabric. The fine lines of expression are almost typological and can be seen as reminders of lived life.

In her sculptural works, the canvas is transformed from paintings to sculptural entities. Displaying a tug of war between the modernist sculptural object, often in highly regarded materials such as bronze and stone, and the textile material, which is often considered lower in the hierarchy and often related to the realm of the woman. A discourse between high and low art – right in front of our eyes.The canvas is a crucial part of most paintings, making them in some ways partly textile works. In Tandrevold Eriksen’s work this fact is made into an important and explicit point.

The fair participation in generously supported by Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA).

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Market Art Fair, Liljevalchs konsthall, Stockholm

Initiated in 2006 by galleries representing the Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, the Market Art Fair has become a trusted meeting and market place in the heart of the Nordic art industry.

During the fair, selected galleries showcase an exclusive selection of the most interesting art on the Nordic scene, focusing on solo projects as well as carefully curated presentations.

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